What is Organisational Democracy?


Organisational democracy could be defined as a system of organisation that is based on freedom, instead of fear and control. This democratic structure must ensure the participation of everyone, no matter if they are a member or stakeholder. Notion of participation can involve consultation in the development of policies and decision-making, elections and other democratic processes.


In their principles of Good Governance, both the EU and the IOC stress the importance of democracy and participation notably by defining the minimum democratic standards to apply such as holding regular, transparent and fair elections or having clear procedural rules.


What are Inclusivity and Participation?


Ensuring inclusivity means that the involvement of diverse individuals / stakeholders in the organisation must be completed by a functioning which values the perspectives and contributions of all people, and strive to incorporate the needs and viewpoints of diverse communities into the design and implementation of universal and inclusive programs. Indirectly this ensures a representa­tion of all stakeholder groups in the relevant decision making process, since naturally all stakeholder groups make sure that their voice is heard when it comes to impor­tant decisions


Therefore, participation and inclusivity have a significant role within the EU principles of Good Governance:


Sports bodies should be inclusive and represent the diverse nature of society and their sports whether by reference to gender, race, sexuality, disability, age or otherwise. By selecting from the widest possible talent pool for all positions and at all levels the most skilled, experienced performers can be identified and engaged by sports bodies”.

"Each sports body will have different stakeholders reflecting its particular range of participants and interested parties. Such stakeholders may include players/athletes, managers, owners, coaches, leagues, clubs, supporters, agents, match officials. Sports bodies should also have appropriate liaise with commercial partners and equipment manufacturers".



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